The Latest from Florence

Norah just returned from the Pitti Filati show in Italy, on the hunt for new yarns for Berroco to sell. One of the biggest yarn and knitting trade shows, it’s open only to those within the industry. Inspirational artwork, experimental machine and hand knitted fabrics, and color and yarn trend forecasting are all brought together in one place.

During my years studying in RISD’s textile department, any mention of Pitti Filati was accompanied by far-off looks of longing. Those who attend always bring back great ideas and inspiration, and Norah was no exception…

She took photos of these intriguing brightly colored knits on the show floor:

Did you spot all the paperclips on the orange sweater on the left? And I can’t stop staring at the collar of the sweater on the right. Or the one in the middle, actually.

I’m also really drawn to these super-textured sweaters:

I love the juxtaposition of textures on all three of these looks. And check out the size of the stitches on the vest on the far right…

In addition to the photos, Norah brought back some color inspiration in the form of striped socks:

And lots of magazines, as well as a palette of color trends for Fall/Winter 2012-13:

As usual, Pitti Filati lived up to its reputation – when you’re a knitter, good things come from Florence!



  1. Those diagonally striped socks are particularly fantastic — I know I would have bought two pairs so that I could have one to wear.

    1. Unfortunately, those are all the pictures I’ve got of the sweaters. I’ll have to ask Norah if she remembers which company was displaying them – there are so many companies represented there, it’s almost impossible to keep track!

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