Retro Knits!

What does it mean to “knit it old school?” This is a question explored and answered at length in Knitting it Old School, a fantastically fun new book by Stitchy McYarnpants (purveyor of all things kitschy and hilarious) and Caro Sheridan, an omnicraftual maker of highly collectible fabric goods. It’s a truly impressive collection of 43 (FORTY-THREE) knit and crochet patterns, with a few bonus sewing patterns as well. Check out Caro’s snapshots here.

Berroco makes an appearance, not once, not twice, but three times! First up we have Galileo, by Christy Varner. It’s handsome captain’s sweater knit in Pure Merino, with a really cool contrast color shawl collar.



Caro and Stitchy clearly had a blast setting a scene for their science fiction inspired chapter, Sci-Fiber! Norah and I are both big sci-fi nerds, so we were thrilled to see two Berroco sweaters in this chapter. This is the lovely Apocalypta, designed and knit in Seduce by Amy Herzog. (Caro has already made one! So pretty!)



Last but not least is the “twin set” I designed using Lustra, a shiny yarn that I just LOVE. It’s a teensy little jacket with lots of little details. Not for the finishing averse!! But so much fun to make and wear. I caught Miss Pamela Wynne herself wearing Double Decker (sans hat) at Rhinebeck!




I loved contributing this mod cardi to the book, probably because I’ve been mainlining Mad Men for the past 4 years! Little 60s style jackets are looking really good to me right now. What era would you like to revisit with your next knitting project?


8 thoughts on “Retro Knits!

    1. I’m SO with you on that! I actually kinda hate the movie, but the fashion!! So great. I strive to look like Jenny most days =) I’m not kidding, I’m wearing Frye’s and shopping for a stadium toggle coat right now!

  1. Beautiful! Hey, I have a question. I am knitting the Samuel hat and the pattern called for only 1 hank of Peruvia Quick. I’m not even half way through with the hat and I’ve run out of yarn. Who do I contact at Beroco to share this information with.

    I must say, it was quite distressing when I realized I wasn’t going to finish my hat until I ordered more yarn.

    Thanks for “listening.”

    1. Big apologies on this one! The hat definitely takes 2 hanks (as it is a LARGE hat). We have put the change on our pattern correction page and any future editions. If you need to reach us in the future, you can look for “contact us” on the web site Berroco.com.

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