11 thoughts on “Biff and Baffin, at the height of fashion!

  1. I agree with Patty. Where did you find that little boy? If I knit this sweater for someone will he turn out just as cute? Promise?

  2. I keep seeing lovely patterns from your booklets and would buy them but you don’t ship to the UK. Is there any chance of you publishing them in pdf format in the future?

  3. I am a proud soon-to-be auntie that just learned my sister is having a boy. Now I know what color and style direction to go in. I can’t wait to knit up at least 12 different versions of ‘Biff’ for our families new little one. He’ll be the best dressed kid on the block when this auntie is done! I might knit up more sweaters than there are days in the year when he will be ‘that size’ but there’s always the hand me down potential! At least my sister better have more children – 😉

    I really liked the link to the New York Times article! What an intresting piece of history – well leave it to learn from Norah!

    This blog entry is so typical of the human interest, sence of fashion and inovation that makes Berroco yarns skeins and lamas above the other yarn companies. I love Berroco yarns to the point I wish I owned the warehose for my own yarn addictive tendencies. Love to all. The Raw Food Chef – a Gaughan Fan.

    1. Thanks for the great comments but you really have Cirilia to thank the goodness of this post (and the jacket design). We’ve been kinda alternating writing the blog, with Cirilia doing the lion’s share in the last year or so. We don’t always sign at the end, but you can tell who’s made the entry at the very top of the post (in tiny print).

      Thanks again from both of us!

  4. Loved the NYT piece – Biff would be right at home on 5th Avenue right now! Booklet is gorgeous – just stared endicott for Anupriya.

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