Start the New Year with Finishing!

Hi everyone! It’s the end of the aughts! We’re almost in the tens! This is crazy. And I have some crazy good news for local knitters! I’m very excited to be teaching a workshop at the Slater Mill Knitting Weekend in Pawtucket, January 22-24th. I’ll be presenting a Berroco Trunk Show on Friday evening and on Saturday I’ll share the finishing tricks I’ve picked up over the years.

How has this decade been for you, knitting wise? I’ve known how to knit since I was 7 but when Debbie Stoller’s Stitch and Bitch guide hit the market in 2004, the game changed forever for me. It went from a quaint hobby to an all-encompassing lifestyle. That change was cemented when I joined the ranks of Ravelry in 2007. I’m forever grateful for this site since it allows all of us to feel like we’re in a vast (and TALENTED) community. Case in point? I recently posted some of my favorite Berroco accessories and the list was so long I decided to save my favorite cardigans for another day. That day is today!

A gorgeous Angela knit by Raveler Martel in Sundae (I recently finished a Sundae sweater in 24 hours!!)

Claire-Bennet, an original design in Peruvia by Raveler Ariane Caron-Lacoste. I love her adorable photography.

Next up is a pattern I truly wish I could knit for myself. It was designed by fellow Providence designer Deborah Newton, shown here knit by Lucy in Ultra Alpaca in a color I like to call “sweatshirt grey.” Such a pretty way to keep cozy!

I have a half-knit Treeline Striped Cardigan under my bed, but I was boring and started it in the very same colors shown in the original pattern. I love the winter fresh combination Elif chose–Peruvia in green and white.

Last but not least, this is a stunning Moch Cardi knit by Julia in Inca Gold. I can’t say enough about this pattern, this knitter, this yarn, it’s all good!! Very very good!

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to finding a bit of down time during the holidays…to knit like MAD!!



7 thoughts on “Start the New Year with Finishing!

  1. Unlike you, I started knitting late in life – 2004. But Ravelry threw me pell-mell into knitting obsession. I had my first two published patterns in 2009. So it was an exciting decade knitting-wise! I’m dying to keep designing as family obligations allow.

  2. Thanks for posting these inspiring knits! I’m lucky enough to have seen Martel’s knit in person since we both go to the same LYS – it’s a beauty!

    Hope you had a very happy holiday and found your ‘mad knitting time’!

  3. Holy Moley!

    A friend just told me to go look on Berroco’s blog. I am blushing a deep shade of plaid. Thanks for choosing to show my project, Cirilia! It’s very flattering. Now I wish I had updated my photos with one that shows the finished hem.
    I love Ultra Alpaca, btw. It’s a great yarn. I keep finding myself substituting the designer recommended yarns on patterns with it, not because I can’t find the original yarn, but because I like Ultra Alpaca. I’m even starting to recalculate patterns to accomodate it.
    Oops, I think I’m babbling. I’m just very flattered.

    So embarrassed I may die,


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