Hi everyone! The winner of our Vintage giveaway is…blog reader Barbie! She commented with the correct answer so we’ll be mailing her the prize pictured below (I’ll need a mailing address and color preference though so Barbie, please email me at crose AT berroco DOT com, replacing the words with the usual symbols).


The prize includes several styling items that we used in Booklet #290 Vintage Arts & Crafts from Recycled Planet, a company that heads to the recycling bins for their raw materials. As a designer who is also concerned with the constant stream of waste that the fashion cycle seems to encourage, I’m always interested in any company or person who can manage to straddle the line between conservation and novelty. Two such projects have popped up on my radar and they manage to do that:

  • Waste  Not Want Not in Providence, RI. Part boutique, part resale shop, part artist’s workshop, part social club. Located in a very crafty nook of Downtown Providence, this store has a really novel approach to retail, and locals take note, they’re hosting knitting nights!
  • The Uniform Project is a thought-provoking fundraiser that also raises consciousness about how we dress ourselves. By wearing the same basic garment everyday and accessorizing it with vintage and donated items, Sheena Matheiken is hoping to raise money for schools in India. I’m sure many of us are still shopping conservatively this year–f you need any inspiration on how versatile one staple wardrobe items can be, head over to her photo galleries.

Okay, over and out everyone. Have a craftastic weekend!


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