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Fall ’09 is up and running



Tomorrow brings the big reveal of our fall ’09 line in our newsletter and on the web site. That also means that it was time to get it all up in Ravelry. Cirilia’s logged a jillion hours (in the past 2 days) doing just that . I have to admit that we are both embarrassingly addicted to checking the Ravelry booklet pages to see which items are the most popular. It doesn’t always go as predicted.

Looky – 2 people have already started Cirilia’s cool dress Noyaux! Although the patterns won’t be printed for another 2 weeks, it’s great to see enthusiasm.

link to booklet 288 on ravelry

Early sitings indicated that Cormorant would be the favorite from norah gaughan vol 5 , but Anhinga is a run away fave so far.

link to NGV5 on ravelry


Check out all the new yarns on our web site too!

The coming of a new season means a new batch of audio slide shows, where Cirilia and I reveal lesser known info about each garment and you can see back views and close ups that we don’t have displayed anywhere else. Look for these starting next week. We are also going to produce a lot more short how-to videos, starting the week after next.  All of the video content will be available on youtube and i-tunes too.

119 thoughts on “Fall ’09 is up and running

  1. You’ve done it again, guys- you’re amazing. Am already loving the little corners and hints I see and cannot wait to see more, get yarn, buy patterns and get going.

    And tweed, oh I love tweed! That lacy tweed shoulder is going to be the first thing I make for fall!! well, after I finish what’s on the needles…..

  2. I was totally blown away when I received knitbits this morning at work!

    Love every single pattern AND the new yarn 🙂


  3. What torture to be at work and to have all these new designs to look at, but no time. I can hardly wait until lunch when I can browse through them leisurely!

  4. I used to be a complete Rowan devotee but now Berroco has converted me. Love the new yarns and patterns. I think Lustra and Blackstone Tweed look great and most everything from Vol. 5, especially Anhinga!

  5. Beautiful patterns and yarns for Fall. My favorites are Nuss and Nonpareil. Can’t wait to knit them. Thanks for such great designs.

  6. Following the link from Webs … I am loving the new Vintage Wool – it sounds perfect for “winter’ sweaters here in North Carolina (where heavy wool isn’t really necessary most of the time) – and the colorway is gorgeous! And the combination of the Nuss and Blackstone Tweed is stunning!

  7. I’m so impressed with Berroco this season! The yarns – huge hanks, beautiful blends – and the pattern support are really working together!!!

    ~ hb33 ~

  8. I say the new pattern line yesterday and loved it! Nuss was calling to me so I love the Blackstone Tweed. I would love to win this kit!

  9. Wow, wow, wow!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on ALL of these new yarns!! The biggest wow has to be for that Lustra!! I bet it is really beautiful in real life!! I’ve worked with Touche and Comfort from Berroco, and *loved* working with both of them, so I’m confident that these newbies will live up to the Berroco standard. This is the second stellar review for Vintage Wool, so that is going on my list of must-haves, too! The colors, the yardage, the price and versatility sound phenomenal.


  10. So excited about the new yarn – and about the Webs contest!!

    It’s still so cool here in New England – so the Sundae looks perfect!!

  11. Visiting from Webs blog to say that I’m really happy to see the Vintage Wool yarn. I’m anxious to see it in color. I see a bunch of socks for everyone with it. No more worrying about socks going through the washer and dryer!

  12. I’ve already received two skeins of the Vintage Wool. I have to say I’m really impressed by the colors and the softness of the yarn. Having a sensitivity to wool, I’ve never been able to use tweeded yarns as they are usually 100% wool. Having the rayon and acrylic along with the wool content seems to work just fine for me. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to receive my booklets for fall.

  13. I love the Anhinga pattern, too. The seabird and ocean places names for the new patterns are great. The Webs blog introduced me to the new yarns, and I can’t wait to try Blackstone tweed.

  14. I am loving the men’s booklet, looks like some versatile patterns there, although I think Beagle is going on the queue right away. I’m loving the Tweed yarn line!

  15. I love the Golden shift from the Vintage Wool Arts and Crafts booklet and am very happy that it comes in adult as well as youth sizes. Too often Berroco (and other companies) design these completely adorable children’s smocks or jumpers that would make great adult patterns but they don’t bother to upsize them for women. This pattern does and makes me ecstatic–just the simple sort of thing I like to wear.

  16. Oh, gosh, how can I choose? It’s all gorgeous! Okay, okay, the new tweed yarn looks great. I’d love to knit Nuss, too! Can’t wait!

    Thanks for the contest, guys.

    All the best,
    Carol Perecman

  17. I love them. Well most but I have to figure that the Lustra of the new 2009 Fall yarns is going to be my favorite.

  18. i’m always excited for the NG booklets to come out. but have to admit that i really love almost all the designs in the Lustra booklet, particularly Lexeme! Can’t wait to make that.

  19. I love the new Fall/Winter collection. I do love Anhing and Cormorant but Loope is my favorite. What a refreshing and creative way to recycle’s my Dad’s vintage neckties. It is pure genius since it combines knitting and a bit of patchowrking or quilting. The possibilities of customizing a unique necktie for Loope are endless. It is the epitome of crafting. But all the collection is amazing. Just one question: a French knitter asked, in my blog (I blogged about your new collection in 3 different languages) where she could find the patterns in Europe and in French… Hint, hint… Pleaaase…?

  20. The new yarns look fantastic! Vintage Wool is awesome sounding. As a mom and a believer in “machine washable”…this looks like my new staple winter yarn.

    My favorite pattern: Gondry hoodie. Love that it’s for little girls to big girls. And I love hoodies! Great job Cirilia.

  21. I discovered the updates on Ravelry while on vacation — we were a little late getting off to Legoland that morning, as I was busy desperately clicking around on the laptop, trying to take in all the gorgeousness.

    Beautiful, beautiful stuff!!!

  22. OK, I can see my DH in Devon — I wish I could stealth-knit it for him for Christmas, but that’s not possible. I could buy the yarn and pattern and wrap it all up for him . . . And while I love the idea of the Blackstone Tweed, I’m far more likely to use the Vintage Wool. I’m one of the “Comfort Converts” and I will not scoff at Berroco synthetics ever again!

  23. Im also following a link from the WEBS store blog.

    Ok, so I couldnt go past the new Fall Booklet 291, Comfort Book for Girls. All those designs are so gorgeous. There is something really fun about knitting for your little girl. And Molly really gets excited about everything I make her. Plus, they are less time consuming than knitting for either Andrew or me. The Blackstone Tweed yarn looks fantastic and is going to definately be popular

  24. The new yarns look wonderful! I have used Cascade 220 for many years but I will be trying Vintage Wool soon.

  25. I absolutely LOVE the Blackstone Tweed and the Nuss and Noisette patterns are already in my que at Ravelry!

  26. I love the new fall line! VERY impressed Well, I LOVE the blackstone tweed and the Sundae too! Actaully was very impressed with all the new yarns! I will probably knit first with the Blackstone though. I don’t know what I will knit yet. most likely some sweater for me! Nuss may just be calling my name-as I’ve been on a cardigan kick lately!.

  27. Anhinga has completely captured my heart, with Nuss running a close second – and the new yarns all look fabulous!

  28. I am so excited about your new yarn Vintage Wool! The yardage is great and I’m so glad that it is machine washable!

    Also can’t wait to see all the new Norah Gahan stuff!!!

  29. Wow, what a great new selection of yarn and patterns, I am hard pressed to pick a favorite, but I will go with the Blackstone Tweed, because I love a little bit of angora. I think it adds a totally different type of softness to a yarn than any other fine diameter fiber. Nuss is also a gorgeous pattern.

  30. I’m really excited about Blackstone Tweed, Lustra, and also the possibilities of Vintage Wool. As for patterns, I think Listeme (in Lustra) is just beautiful. I also like the cozy look of Nonpareil in the tweed.

    Wonderful work, ladies!

  31. I just followed the link over from the WEBS’ blog:

    Wow! While I love the sheen of Lustra, I’m most excited about Vintage Wool. It looks like it will be *fantastic* for quick worsted socks (especially with the nylon content)! And the price! I’m already planning out holiday sock projects.

  32. Just posted on the Webs block about my love for the Blackstone Tweed in Wharf. The booklet is wonderful. I think Napoleon is adorable, but also really like Nonpareil. Great new yarns and patterns, guys.

  33. Over here from Webs–I think the Sundae looks yummy–kind of like the Jasper! Of the patterns, I like Nectarine and Lingua the best.

  34. As an avid birder, nature lover, and beach/wetland wanderer, I was thrilled to see Norah found such inspiration in one of my favorite groups of creatures! I too will sing my (clumsy by avian standards) praises for Anhinga. While some would say it is a rather strange bird to look at initially, there is something truly unique about it. With its relaxed neckline and draping front insert, Norah’s design gently and effortlessly calls to mind the bird’s graceful wings and curving neck. I can’t wait to get my hands on the pattern!

    And as a side note, I’m also anxious to see the Lustra yarn for both its colors and texture. Lingua and Loope look like great staple sweaters for the fall and winter. (Apologies for the alliteration in the previous sentence!)

  35. I came over from the Webs blog to check out the new designs – they’re all so beautiful. My favorite is Giliani – it looks like it would be cosy and elegant all at the same time. I would never take it off!

  36. Loving the new Vintage wool. Machine washable, great yardage and beautiful colors. Now if it’s as soft as you say, I may have a new favorite yarn.

  37. So many gorgeous yarns and patterns in your Fall ’09 line. The Blackstone Tweed and Nuss have really caught my attention.

  38. What a fabulous collection! I love everything, but I think Blackstone Tweed gets1 my vote … if we can have only one vote! Thank you for your generous offer!

  39. I fell in love with Berroco yarns when they launched the Comfort line. Since then I have loved and knit up Bonsai in the Coachella cowl-neck pattern. Blackstone Tweed looks to be just the thing for my fall sweater plans!

    The Nuss pattern I saw on the Webs Store blog is my favorite so far…

  40. I’m so excited for your fall line! It has some of the best patterns I’ve seen in a long time. I just finished my first Norah Gaugan sweater (Loppem) and I cant wait to make another. I especially like Hypatia and Potter from NG5. I’m also looking forward to trying Blackstone Tweed. Nuss is cute and I had to favorite Nonperiel as soon as I saw it.

  41. I’m here via the Webs blog….The entire collection is amazing! My favorites include Listeme, Anhinga, and Nonpareil. I am very excited to try to the new Lustra yarn for Listeme.

  42. I am eyeing the Vintage wool to make my nephew a going off to college balnket. Now I have to got to the store to check out the colors!

  43. My son has been hinting for a swweater and I think Devon will be it. It will look awesome on him and it’s also the name of one of the big horse shows and he is a horse person. Match made in fiber heaven 🙂

  44. My son has been hinting at a sweater and I think Devon will be it. It should look great on him. It’s also the same name as a horse show we’ve been to and since he’s a horse person, well, a match made in fiber heaven!

    1. Sorry about 4 comments showing up, nothing seemed to show and I kept submitting. Guess you can see I’ll be knitting Devon 🙂

  45. OMG this is a very hard decision….I love Lustra, but I really love Brookstone Tweed. Congratulations on a fantastic collection. Everyone is a winner…but I wold love to knit Nuss

  46. Vintage Wool maybe my new go-too yarn for items for my grandsons. I am very partial to machine washable wool blends.

  47. YAY! I have already placed my order for NG5, 3 booklets, and a nice fat yarn order. Lustra and Lexime first up for me……….. Blackstone follows.

    I love almost everything——— Great job Great job Great job!!!!!

  48. I love tweed so my favorites weren’t hard to decide. I love the Nonpareil design and the blackstone tweed yarn.

  49. I am in love with “Goodall” from the new NG booklet. That’s definitely tops on my list. and I can’t wait for the mens’ booklet as well. (I have preordered both…) Thanks for a great fall preview!

  50. I love Blackstone Tweed best of the fall 09 yarns because of its fiber content and because I’m very partial to tweeds. I’m also a lover of the cooler seasons and BT reminds me of fall and winter. Speaking of reminders, Nuss reminds me of the February Lady Sweater. Nora, I love the men’s patterns! It’s wonderful to see a collection for men.

  51. I am crazy about wanting to start the Nuss cardiagan as shown. That green is my color! Looks like the fit will be flattering across the sizes, too. Love, Love, Love Berroco!

  52. I think I’ll have to go with the Blackstone Tweed–and I want to do a yoked pullover for my daughter in a blue-y and a purple-y heather.

  53. For over a year now I have been in love with the amazing yarns of Berroco (if I could have any yarn in the world, it would be Comfort)! Out of their fall collection I think that I will fall head over heels for the Vintage Wool. A yarn that has the warmth of wool but the washability and comfort of Berroco’s incredible acrylic (not to mention at such a good price!) sounds absolutely too good to be true. And it comes in tweeds?? Pinch me!

  54. Have to pick one favorite? The comfort heathers caught my eye, but also like the lustra and the vintage wool looks awesome and affordable. That Nuss is adorable–would love to make it! Right now I have 3 projects going with Comfort, Comfort DK, and Comfort Chunky, so would love to add to the family.

  55. I am in love with the NG5, NG Men and Lustra booklets… I really want to make Potter or Ahninga from NG5.

    The vintage wool looks very cool as well. I need to get knitting!

  56. I love to see the yarns profiled on the Webs blog–I’m excited to get some quick projects for next winter done with Sundae. I’ll be off to Webs in a few days to score some!

  57. Kathy Elkins has got me dyeing to try Blackstone Tweed. I’m loving Nuss, Nonpareil, Nectarine and Nesselrod, hmm better get knitting the yarn I already own!!! I’ve got some Berroco Ultra Alpaca on the needles right now!

  58. I’d love to try the Lustra! I’ve used Comfort on a couple things and it’s wearing very well, so I’ll be trying it, too. Thanks for the contest!

  59. Loving all the new booklets. Though it’s difficult to choose, I think I’ll start with either nuss or noisette in the Blackstone tweed.

  60. Very nice new collection! I especially like the Blackstone Tweed — and Nectarine and Giliana. Well done!

  61. Holy cats, I can’t wait to try the Vintage Wool. That’s amazing yardage for the price, and I’m a huge fan of Berroco yarns; I’m sure Vintage Wool will be amazing for garments. Can’t wait to see the color choices! I see a sweater’s worth of Vintage Wool in my Webs shopping cart once the summer’s over… 🙂

    (also, thanks for the contest! that’s quite generous of you.)

  62. Love the new patterns…. love the new yarn! I am sure I will find more than one sweater to knit from your new collection.

  63. Followed the link from Webs. Love the Blackstone Tweed yarn, and there are so many great looking patterns too!

  64. I can not decide between Lustra and Vintage Wool. I truly love the Loope sweater in Lustra, I really like the slight gather below the bust line. I am sure that Vintage Wool will be in my shopping cart, very soon. I am always looking for a machine washable “good” wool alternative for sweaters and hats. Looks like Berroco does it again! Yarn porn, pure and simple!

  65. I love tweedy yarns, so I am very excited to see the Blackstone Tweed. I’m also super excited to see the new fall colors in Inca Gold!

  66. My favorite pattern from the Fall line is Potter. It’s just so striking. It caught my eye from all of the little thumbnails. That’s the one I’m most likely to make from the new line.

  67. You all have done it again — another exciting, fashionable, and affordable line of yarns and patterns! I’m especially interested to try Vintage Wool and Lustra and see how they stack up against other classic wools.

    I was delighted to see NG’s men’s booklet and understand the choice to go conservative, though I hope she’ll do something more fashion-forward for men soon.

    I’ve got Giliani from NG5 near the top of my queue. I’ve had a bag of Peruvia for a while, and have been hemming and hawing about what to do with it. Giliani is just the ticket.

  68. Hi, visiting from the Webs blog this time although I’m a long-time Berroco fan and KnitBits subscriber. I am so excited about the Blackstone Tweed! I love tweed yarns more than any other when it comes to basic sweater yarns, and I’m so glad you’ve added one to the line! Also really like the NG Men booklet, what a great batch of really wearable items! THANKS!

  69. It is very hard to pick a favorite yarn, but I love the Pure Merino. I also love the Nuss in the Blackstone Tweed.

  70. Wow, Berroco keeps keeps topping itself with every season and collection. I was drawn to Nuss the second I saw it (design, color, texture of yearn, I mean yarn), and can’t wait to try out Vintage Wool and pick out my first sweater for my husband from the Men’s collection.

  71. hi –

    the fall line-up looks great!!! and the coming tweeds look *gawjus*!

    Question!! the purple sweater, top row, left most photo that the felted flower is on – what is the name of that sweater?!?!?!? It doesn’t look familiar but I can’t find it in any of the new pattern books. From the bit I can see it looks most interesting, would appreciate any info!

    many thanks,

  72. I am particularly drawn to to Listeme. I think that Blackstone and Lustra are particularly interesting yarns — I can’t wait for a chance to see how soft they really are.

    Wonderful choices for season.

  73. I think I really like this pattern, Nuss, the best! Light, with enough pattern to keep interest, but sleek. I like the Berroco Blackstone Tweed as well as the Lustra.

  74. It almost seems like you are choosing which child is your favorite. I want to try vintage wool, and designs I like are Anhinga, Willet, gull and Geoffroy

  75. Hello! I’m coming over from blog contest at WEBS. My favorite new yarn would have to be Lustra, and I adore the Lexeme pattern! 🙂

  76. For the Webs/Berocco contest. Blackstone tweed is the one I’d choose first. Good luck everyone.

  77. I love the new colors and yarns and can’t decide between blackstone tweed and lustra. I love knitting things to wear for myself and my family! Thanks so much for the new designs and new yarns!

  78. I’m head over heels in love with Anhinga in NGV5. I’ll probably stash dive for this one, for some yarn with a metallic thread. I want to see how the metallic looks in the drape and bias of this design. Love, love, love.

  79. Well done ladies! The patterns are inspiring. Just can’t wait to get my hands on Blackstone Tweed and knit it up into the lovely cardigan I’ve always wanted.

  80. I am absolutely in LOVE with the Vintage Wool. I ordered it from Webs as soon as I got my email newsletter from Berroco announcing the fall line. It came today (YEA!). It is so fantastically soft, and the perfect weight (not too heavy/bulky for a worsted). And the great colors to choose from… I couldn’t decide on one color, so decided to work with three!
    I have plans for several kid’s “love from Grandma” blankets first, then will try some sweaters. I think that this yarn will show some wonderful stitch definition. Thanks Berocco for an economical, great yarn that Mom’s can wash.

  81. Loving your fall lineup as well. Following the link from Webs, I’m surprised to hear you say that the Luster is lagging the others for attention. That (ok, and the Vintage Wool) were the standouts for me. Meanwhile, this is what I posted over on the Webs blog.

    “Hmm, such a hard choice! But I think I have to go with the Lustra. I love a tencel blend. But that Vintage Wool? Really close second.”

  82. As I posted over at Webs “This was a VERY difficult contest – pick only one! Okay, after much debating my vote goes to Sundae.”

  83. I’m very anxious to get Blackstone Tweed on my needles!
    As stated, most tweeds tend to be harsh, but this one sounds just the opposite!

  84. I love the blackstone tweed… and Nuss! …looks VERY nice 🙂 a close runner up is the vintage wool – I’m hoping to try that out on something for my kids maybe!

  85. Too late for the WEBS/Berroco contest? I usually read through Bloglines, but today I linked over from WEBS.
    I find both the Tweed and Vintage interesting, but the one I’d like to try first is the Lustra. It would both look and feel yummy!

  86. I really wanted to try the Blackstone Tweed and Vintage Wool. Both sounds like my type of yarn. Simple but elegant, and are stables like bread and butter.

  87. Another fangirl of Anhinga here – but the yellow Potter has also grown on me — like CR said! And it’s such a timely color. 🙂

    I am looking forward to getting my hands on all of these terrific fall yarns! I honestly want sweater quantities of all of them!

  88. Posting time of my previous comment shows as 1:58 AM, but it is only 10:02 PM Friday 6/19 here in New York State. Hope I have made the contest deadline!

  89. I cannot decide which is my favorite new yarn and pattern but I cannot stop thinking about the Blackstone Tweed for Nonpareil!

  90. Visiting from Webs for your joint contest– I love Lustra! Beautiful, great colors, great yardage! Great contest 😉

  91. I’m really excited about your new fall designs! Here’s a question for you: Any maternity patterns out there? I’m going to give birth in February and would love to make my own cozy sweaters & dresses for this winter!

  92. I am trying to make the Noyaux dress (Blackstone Tweed) and am having trouble with keeping in pattern with the decreases. Anyone have a “cheat sheet” for this – help!!!

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