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we’re on itunes

Berroco300x300Yippee!!! We’ve uploaded our audio slideshows and instructional videos to itunes. They appear as a podcast named “Knit with Berroco”.  Search for Berroco or Cirilia or Norah in the itunes store.

This is so exciting for me. Being on itunes feels so legitimate. Maybe that’s silly but, in any case, it’s a convenient and easy way to access information. I’m really into itunes and hulu these days, since I decided to go without cable TV. I’ve been knitting away each night, watching/ listening to shows like Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, How the Earth was Made” (geology is SO COOL), the Colbert Report, Iconoclasts,  and my continuing favorite, the nerd spy, Chuck.

– Norahsave_chuck_3

7 thoughts on “we’re on itunes

  1. Just got the Berroco email with the blossom baby cardi. It looked cute and a possibility for my queue until I read through the pattern. A buttonband knitted separately and sewn on is a deal breaker for me for a baby cardi.

  2. Nice video! I had a wonderful visit to Berroco yesterday. Thanks for the hospitality! We’ll be updating our blog in a day or two with some text & pictures. I’ll add a link to your itunes announcement.

    LOVE internet videos for learning knitting techniques. Two dimensional illustrations of needles & stitches just don’t seem to be decoded well by this brain. Without videos I NEVER would have learned to do kitchener stitch (and forget about magic cast-on!).

    Ellen, aka freshpurlsblog

  3. seemingly unrelated… you have the new vintage baby book on the newsletter and just wanted to comment to say IT”S GREAT!!!!!!!! i just received it two days ago and want to knit up most of the patterns. i read that barroco has great yarns for the projects. i love the free pattern that you added to the newletter, it’s a perfect addition to this “age ” of knitting. THANK YOU!!!

    i love the newsletter and just joined your blog.

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