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Norah Knitting in 1977
Norah Knitting in 1977

In the past year or so Norah and I have been interviewed in many, many places…magazines (Norah in the February 2009 issue of Knit N’ Style, and the Winter 2008 issue of Interweave, Cirilia in the Fall 2008 issue of Knitscene) online (Norah at Knitch and on Lolly’s blog, and both of us on the Knitting Contessa’s Knitting Contrissmas–Day 1 and Day 25). There have been interviews for Berroco (Norah in KnitBits #137 and during the Recession Collection) and for our favorite podcasts (Norah on Cast On, Stash and Burn #50 and Ready, Set, Knit #97 and Cirilia on Stash and Burn #46)…

Cirilia talking in 2008
Cirilia talking in 2008

NOW, I can’t imagine that there is anything else you’d want to know about either of us, but if there is I’d like to propose an experiment! We’ve recently started Twittering–if you’re already on Twitter you can follow us @berrocodesign. I’m opening up the Twitter floor (the nest?) to your questions. For the most part I’m the one Tweeting but if you have a Norah specific question just say so (in 140 characters or less, of course) and I’ll nudge her.

Speaking of technology, we posted another behind the scenes video in today’s KnitBits. I also stumbled across a Berroco related video that Kathy Elkins posted to YouTube, its’ from a trunk show event we did last fall.

6 thoughts on “Gabfest!

  1. hi-in the pics with you and two others-the blonde on the left with the brown sweater–what is that sweater?? the pic is the one with the caption of cirilia saying–“its hard not to laugh or joke…..” something like that… thanks!!!!!!!!! maryann

  2. Hi Cirilia!

    It’s so awesome to see you on this website. I check this blog pretty often. Congrats on getting a sweet job!

    I really, really, really hate to bother you about this, but I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? I’ve just finished knitting all the pieces for Norah’s Kaari sweater, and now it’s time to block them. I’m using the Berroco Pure Merino Heathers yarn. So do you have a recommendation for the best blocking method for this yarn? I couldn’t find any info on that in the pattern booklet or on the Berroco website. It’s probably an obvious answer, but I’m such a novice! I know about the various blocking methods, but I just don’t know which one is right for this. Thanks!

  3. Cirilia,
    I’m so thrilled that you’re on twitter! I’m always looking for new knitters to follow. (I do daily knitting tips & naughty film trivia on twitter as reelknitting.)

    By the way, I’m using Berroco Inca Gold and Berroco Lumina to knit a sweater that I designed for the contest. I really love working with them. So beautiful AND dependable.

    Happy knitting,

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