Along with Lorna and Laura at CosmicPluto, we’ve been Harlotted! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer yarn, check out Just Enough Ruffles knit up in Cuzco, one of my favorites: 



I love how quickly Cuzco knits up, and I love the patterns that are available right now (I had nothing to do with these, btw, not tooting my own horn!). I think a great gift for a knitter would be the yarn to make Charles and Bark–they could keep one and give one away! Cosima is adorable of course but I’m craving the versatile simplicity of Crotona. It’s always the looooong sweater coats I fall for! So far all I’ve had thetime to knit is Cuzco for my Brûlée Scarf.


Oh, P.S. I’m the first interview for the Knitting Contessa’s Knitting Contrissmas! 


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