Ravelers’ NGV3 sweaters

I was bopping about Ravelry last night, wondering how many knitters were using Berroco yarn to knit patterns from my fall booklet. We hesitate to harp on it, but, after all, selling yarn is what my job is all about. I am very happy to report that I found some truly outstanding work. Y’all make me proud ! 🙂


batilous strawberry hill
batilou's strawberry hill

Batilou’s strawberrry hill is knit in Palace, the yarn called for. I love seeing how the piece works with her modern tailored style!  Long sleeves were substituted for the original 3/4 sleeves and the color is quite altered. On her blog, she aptly calls her version “Granny Smith Hill”.


laurens loppem
lauren's loppem

LaurenLoves2knit made her Loppem in Palace also, choosing a color that changes the mood completely. She added a few inches to the length to suit her long frame. (I know it’s unusual, but our model, Eleanor is only 5’2″)

mollys eastlake
molly's eastlake

Last up, but certainly not least, TsunamiTattoo used Pure Merino Heather in place of Inca Gold for her Eastlake. This yarn is a bit of an underdog, since the solids sell so much better, but I LOVE IT. The change of color is very subtle and it has a slightly dry hand, making it great for men’s wear too.

Congratulations on your fantastic work!


12 thoughts on “Ravelers’ NGV3 sweaters

  1. So, could you elaborate about a “dry hand” that is suitable for men’s garments? That’s an interesting fabric description.

  2. OK, OK, I’m guilty of not so much using the recommended yarns…but I have a Linear’s worth of Inca Gold and a Cosima’s worth of Palace (yes, I know, wrong gauge…will make it work…) sitting on top of my stash waiting to go…

  3. I buy berroco yarn for non-berroco patterns, does that count? 🙂
    thanks for these–I think the eastlake is my favourite; I love the fit and am a total sucker for heathers.

  4. Aw Norah I have to apologise! I live in Australia, and there aren’t any berocco stockists in the country, and our currency is like a small shell and some rocks to the USD at the moment so internet shopping is a bit out of the question.

    I would have loved to use berocco merino in my wedgette, but I had to make do with an inferior substitute.

    Next time, I promise!

  5. I just wanted to chime in to say I LOVE that your model is only 5’2″! The designs she models are some of the only ones where I can get a good idea of how a sweater will look on petite me just by looking at the photo. 🙂

  6. So many cool things here. I think its great that you are featuring Ravelers projects. What a great idea. From a girl that is only five feet and someting but not much ….keep using the shorties and I’ll buy more Berocco yarn for sure. I’m already addicted to Norahs designs I guess it just fits that Id become a Berocco fan too.

  7. Hello Norah
    Hello Cilia

    I love your Design.
    I knitted the strawberry Hill sweater of Norah from Woodland Gothic .
    Many peaple would like to have this Pattern now from me. I refer always to the Berroco web page ,
    but the most customers cannot translate the Pattern to German.
    Then they are very much disappointed.
    Particularly I ask for permission to translate this Pattern into german

    Greetings from Germany

  8. Thanks for showing us these sweaters. I like seeing the way people personalize them. I hope it rubs off on me.

  9. Hi! I had asked about this sweater pattern quite a while ago but no one knew what I was talking about! Meanwhile, NOW, I have found reference to it on the Ravelry blog back in August or September 2008 and after…..There were diagrams and all but Norah was supposedly designing it for her Ravelry fans at the time. I am thouroughly convinced I saw a picture of it (it looked complete)and it was looking like a very nice light or maybe a sky blue! It WAS a Ravelry design but there seemed to be some trouble with the sleeves and putting the other parts together! At least now I am not crazy and what ever happened to that sweater pattern?To me, (I am less than 4’11’!!!!!!!!!)it looked like a pretty sweater dress. Were there too many problems so it got put aside for later work? I DID e mail about it but since it was on the Ravelry blog, did it get forgotten? No one ever knew what I was talking about!!!!!! Could anyone there remember it or look it up to see what happened to the design work going on at the time? Please say you know about it…I couldn’t have imagined it. I will be waiting to see what progress has been with it…

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