Flipping out over Linear

As I mentioned in the last post, we have a really good time flipping garments upside down. People are often reluctant to believe that it can work. As one reader commented, “I just don’t see how that could work, with a shaped, anatomically correct (when right-side-up) sleeve cap. I’m all for versatility, but…”

She makes a good point, but see for yourself, Linear totally works upside down! This is the first variation, which I think looks a little grandpa-ish but in the best possible way. The exposed seams on the collar are neatly sewn and they sort of echo the dramatic ribbing, a variation of a cartridge rib. Norah added slipped stitches to up the dimensionality–it almost looks carved: 



Margery saw yet another way of styling the flipped Linear. I like that the wide band of ribbing sort of looks like an obi belt.


From the front the sleeves morph from a semi-fitted set-in silhouette to a cool hybrid of transversal raglan and relaxed drop shoulder . From behind you can see that there is a little extra fabric, but nothing too terrible. And hey, if you’re worried about it you can just slowly back out of every room! I think the front is so stunning no one will mind =)



Kathy has added a couple of pictures from the try-on trunk show to the Webs blog (scroll way down) and she promises video footage soon. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for it!



10 thoughts on “Flipping out over Linear

  1. looks great on a skinny person, but I could see that ribbed band being very unflattering on anyone without a tiny waist.

  2. Hi Chelsea–thanks for commenting. Norah reminded me that the woman who gave us this idea was actually a size 12-14! Now I’m not saying that is plus sized, but it was by no means unflattering on her. I do have a long torso but it’s not wrapped that tightly around my waist. I think it could look really nice on top of a full skirted dress for a lot of sizes.

  3. I am loving the topsy turvy-ness of sweater design! (How was that for an old fashioned word, geez!) That sweater looks very chic and edgy—– the entire notion of turning garments on their heads has made me look at my closet quite differently! ((I am sad to report that much in there is the same old boring crapola but I am trying to be more inventive!))

  4. Sorry, but I can’t agree that from the back “there is a little extra fabric, but nothng too terrible.” I think that those things sticking out look absolutely ghastly!

    I’m glad you had the courage, and the honesty, to photograph the back view, because the front view is indeed quite attractive. Instead of trying to make Linear more versatile, why don’t you just design a right-side-up version with the pretty obi belt”?

  5. I have to agree with Lynne E. I’d never wear this with those big chunks sticking out under my arms, and it’s the first thing I’d notice on anyone else. I think Linear is versatile enough right-side up, and MUCH more flattering.

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