1. In the Bol.1 book, which is just happily received, the jyri scarf on the model sitting on the steps is made up in a blue shade. What shade is that?
    Thanks so much.

  2. To answer the jyri (from vol 1) question: Really, it’s grey. The color shifted a bit in photography. The scarf close up and the scarf on the girl on steps are the exact same scarf. Look for a matching hat in Knitbits in 2 weeks.

  3. The lovely lady has excellent taste as far as Sassy and Eraser are concerned. They have now petitioned their mommy to get some of that yarn post haste! I can’t wait for the new volume!

  4. I have two little boy scottish” terriorists” who do the same thing to my yarn! They seem to have an affinity for a skein of bright yellow fingering. I’ve found it on the floor after leaving it on a high ledge strung around the chair legs and table legs in my kitchen. Aren’t the kids just having tooo much fun!?

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