17 thoughts on “mother’s little helper

  1. In the Bol.1 book, which is just happily received, the jyri scarf on the model sitting on the steps is made up in a blue shade. What shade is that?
    Thanks so much.

  2. I do sympathise with you. My dear cat Charley knits too. If only he would make the tea or do the dishes instead!

  3. What a neat kitty – obviously an artiste! She reminds me of our late Abbi, but she was only interested in the high end stuff, like alpaca ;o)

  4. To answer the jyri (from vol 1) question: Really, it’s grey. The color shifted a bit in photography. The scarf close up and the scarf on the girl on steps are the exact same scarf. Look for a matching hat in Knitbits in 2 weeks.

  5. Re Karma’s question, will this be fall/winter wear? Any coats? I love making and wearing them, and yours are the best!

  6. The lovely lady has excellent taste as far as Sassy and Eraser are concerned. They have now petitioned their mommy to get some of that yarn post haste! I can’t wait for the new volume!

  7. I have two little boy scottish” terriorists” who do the same thing to my yarn! They seem to have an affinity for a skein of bright yellow fingering. I’ve found it on the floor after leaving it on a high ledge strung around the chair legs and table legs in my kitchen. Aren’t the kids just having tooo much fun!?

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