salutations from the sauna

Those darn felted hearts seem to to be all over the house! Actually, they are all over the apartment. While my house (and true home) is in New Hampshire, three nights a week I knit and sleep in apartment in Providence, which is much closer to work. It’s fun to photograph with my landlady’s lovely props.
P.S. I hope all of you made it through Valentines’s day unscathed. 


The painting in my apartment reminds me of the sauna that John (of boyfriend sweater fame) built last summer. Isn’t it beautiful? Sure is sweater weather in New Hampshire now.


This setting makes me want to have wool in my hands – Pure MerinoUltra AlpacaJasper,  or my current yarn of choice Ultra Alpaca Light.  I took some swatching to the sauna last week – not IN the sauna, but I knit a bit on the porch and in the changing room/dining room.  I’m looking forward to a return visit this weekend.  I should try designing after sitting in the heat, during the blissful calm period. I don’t know though, maybe designing goes hand in hand with this hyper, bouncing off the wall feeling I’m experiencing right NOW!

11 thoughts on “salutations from the sauna

  1. I’m missing out on sauna at my aunt’s this weekend, and seeing that new one makes me miss it even more. I wouldn’t even mind hauling the buckets of water over the boatloads of snow to fill the barrels…

  2. I’m jealous, and I don’t even enjoy saunas! Although a steam room….. that’s another story..


  3. Saunas are so relaxing! What a picturesque location.

    This is going to sound weird but…have you ever seen Romanesco Cauliflower? I just saw it on someone’s blog and it made me think of the inspired and beautiful patterns you create.

  4. Oooo, envy! A sauna! lol, I’m sure if you took your knitting in there with you, you’d never need to do traditional felting again!! =) Anyway, I’m still envious about the sauna, I don’t think I’ve had one since I was in Finland…

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