The Next 3 Volumes…

The next 3 volumes on my influential book list are the first 3 stitch dictionaries by Barbara Walker. Yes, I know there’s a fourth, but somehow I missed that one in my design upbringing. I learned so much from these books, I’m sure I can’t fully do them justice. I learned textural stitches, mosaic knitting and cable charts. I learned about repeats and half drops and drawing with stitches. I learned by knitting. At one point, if someone mentioned a certain kind of stitch I could go right to the volume, right to the page where it was found. Even after I began designing with pattern stitches I made up myself, an occasional refresher course in the old standards livened up my repertoire. I have to admit that volume III is my favorite because I would so much rather follow a chart than lose my place in words any day.

10 thoughts on “The Next 3 Volumes…

  1. Beautiful flower…. did you do that?….I was just attempting some origami with my kids today…the crocodile wasn’t going to happen but we did manage a fish!….I too can’t say enough wonderful things about BW’s dictionaries and BW in general!

  2. That’s so beautiful! Where can I find instructions for a flower like that? I love it!

    (by the way, if you want the ultimate origami flower challenge, try the kawasaki rose….)

  3. I love all 4 of BW’s books. The 4th one is a great read on knitted shapes and really freed me from a need for a pattern all the time. Santa brought Knit Visualizer software for Christmas and I have been charting some of the patterns, mostly lace, from Books 1&2. Love it.

  4. i love the barbara walker treasuries too. my copies are littered with sticky notes pointing me to all the stitch patterns i still want to try, and there are many. i use volumes 1 +2 the most, even though i prefer charted patterns.

  5. oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Nora! Once again I say, “I’m not worthy………….”


    Can’t wait to see what the origami flower will morph into!

  6. I got the first two Barbara Walker books over 40 years ago with $$ my Great Aunt Marian gave me for Christmas. I love them both passionately. I have used the patterns extensively these past 40+ years and added #3 about 10 years ago (may add #4 one of these days). You can do project after project with just those books–I stick the stitches in any basic sweater or vest or use the lace to make a shawl and what more do I really need (though that has never really stopped me from buying more and more–I am a knitting junky after all or I wouldn’t be here on this forum).

  7. I found my origami book! The flowers are parts of a bigger project from “Kasudama Ball Origami” by Makoto Yamaguchi

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