yarn, yarn everywhere

We’re home, we’re home! Berroco participated in a trade show last weekend – TNNA  (The National Needlework Association).  Held twice yearly, this exhibition is the place for yarn, accessory, needlecraft and book importers to display all their new exciting products. Yarn shops come to buy and bring the best home to YOU. We showed all of the patterns and yarns for Spring 08 – the same ones we just put up on our web site last week too.

Here’s a snapshot of our booth taken from the aisle (so it’s the back of the sweaters, but you get the idea) :



Now’s when I tell a little story on myself:  I thought I knit up a bit o’ sock and really get to know the Lang Jawoll Cotton (49% new wool superwash, 35% cotton, 16% nylon) We import it. So, while I’m  talking to customers and editors I’m  sailing along at a quick pace and not looking down at what I have going… until about a few inches were complete. Look – 4 knits all glombed up together – but I had been trying for 2/2 rib. I miscounted! The thought of ripping back stopped me for the day. Geez. I do like the yarn though, and I love the little 5″ needles (they were great for the dodecahedron too).

Jess and Casey, the Ravelry folks were at their first show. I scored a very cool “Bob” sticker.  I love it so much I put in on my laptop. 



  1. I feel wonderfully vindicated knowing that YOU can fluff a stitch or two. Really, it kinda made my day.

    The booth looks lovely— glad it was a great show and that you are back home safe and sound!

  2. Hi, Norah! TNNA was *amazing*, and one of the highlights for me was getting to meet and chat with you. Please keep up the wonderful design work — and next time I see you, I’ll try to remember that saying “we knit your hex” isn’t quiiiittttte descriptive enough, given your host of hexagaughan designs. ; ))

  3. Love the booth and the sock yarn. Wish I could have been there. Where did you find 5 inch double points? I keep finding 6 inch and 4 inch lengths but would love to have a 5 inch length.

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