seeing red

I love the quirky quality of this picture. We picked a different, more lush, shot for the norah gaughan vol.2. You won’t find a link on the Berroco site yet, but the booklet HAS started to ship to stores. I hope you like it!red.jpg  Currer, knit in Love-it.(Pure Merino would be an excellent choice for a colder weather version.)  Now let me admit to a bit of cheating.  This is what the knitting really looks like  at the underarm: badshortrows2.jpg The knitter was trying to help and used short rows  instead of casting on every other row and it looks sloppy.  (Don’t worry, she won’t be mortified to read this post).  I used  i-photo to do some very rudimentary touching up. You can see why we need our art director. It’s not my speciality (as they say in the UK).   


  1. The preview of the booklet will be on the Berroco site in February. We are starting previewing our booklets in January, and NG vol2 will be grand finale 🙂 Look for it in stores now!

  2. Very interesting, hope it is not to difficult for us less advanced knitters. Would love to see this on my granddaughter. Are we able to view vol. 1 on website and also purchase?

  3. Love both the color and the ‘vogueish’ style. Can’t wait to make one for myself.. All the berroco items designed in your books and website look fab!!

  4. Can’t wait for this to come out! I want it! I want it! I want it! It’s just as bad as waiting on the other side of the bathroom door first thing in the morning with a full bladder.

  5. Have checked with LYS and they still don’t have volume 2 or Seduce yarn……..That shrug is calling my name…..please let me know where I can get it NOW…..thanks….A Knutty Knitter in South Mississippi

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