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Here at Berroco we have a weekly meeting to help keep things from falling through the cracks. Between the constant call of the Knitbits newsletter, keeping our web site up to date, publishing Spring 08 and designing Fall 08-09 – there’s a lot going on. In fact, I’m sure that I’ve missed a few things – where are my meeting notes!!??

Above is a glance at Margery’s notepad from this weekly ritual. Being very visual, and not liking to sit still for long, M’s energy reveals it’s self in a highly pictorial collage of meeting topics and design ideas.

Notes on the notes:
(top left) – The pullover referenced above, Wakame, opened up new avenues of design for Margery and me, together, as a team. Yin Yang #262, the booklet in which it appears is one of our best selling pattern publications ever. Folks loving these asymmetrical, deconstructed garments gave us permission to be quirky and touched on an over lap in our design sensibilities.

(bottom left) – The truth comes out. Our knitter didn’t quite have time to finish the sleeves on Alan, and since we had a little boy’s version too – we cheated. We put a jacket on our male model to hide the fact that the sleeves were not actually attached to the sweater and were, in reality, little more than cuffs. After photography, Margery used the front and back of the sweater to make a big sack and added a shoulder strap to make it functional.

(top right) – Ravelry is our friend! Margery also has a special affinity for Bob because he reminds her of her childhood dog Candace goes a Courtin’.

6 thoughts on “meeting notes

  1. Raverly is my friend too – a very demanding, time consuming chum who always has great ideas and lots to show me – I’ve got so much inspiration I might burst !

  2. Wow! I love the boyfriend bag. That was such a great idea as well. It might just have given me the inspiration to convert a UFO into an FO!

    I loved Nostalgia from the Yin Yang #262 booklet. I haven’t made it yet but had been thinking about it for the Spring.

    Thank goodness for Ravelry! Such a great tool for all of us!

  3. What a great idea for the bag. I might have to go and cut up a sweater and make a bag. yah for Ravelry!

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