dodecahedron vs the world


Ah, my little dodecahedron star is ready to take on the world! We’ll be using this as a tree topper in a few weeks in the Berroco newsletter, Knitbits. The instructions will be available free then too. Edit: Here they are! Celestine dodechahedron pattern

I’ve had such a blast knitting this. Basically, my star is 12 elongated pentagons knit onto each other. To make a flat pentagon I might dec one stitch each end on each segment every 2nd round. To make each pentagon into a cone I decreased every 5th round. I am dreaming of sock yarn stars, crocheted stars, pointier stars, felted stars, stars for my geek friends, stars for my baby friends…

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  1. Brillant! I love it. What a great idea! I never thought of them as long pentagons, that makes so much sense. I might just break out my yarn and hooks and crochet one of these tonight for our tree.

  2. That is the coolest knit I’ve seen in a long time. I have a feeling all of the profs in my department will be asking about it once I knit one for my desk!

  3. I can’t wait for this pattern – seriously, CANNOT wait. I won’t be using it for a treetopper, but I WILL be making a couple in bulky yarn to use as throw pillows for my couch. Whee!

  4. That is very very cool. I’m a relatively new knitter, so it would be a challenge for me – but one that I’m very excited about trying! And I love Becca’s idea of using for a baby toy. I’m seeing it in all different colours – bright and happy and ready for chewing on! 🙂

  5. I love it, and I’m off to see if it’s in your projects on Ravelry. Those gnomes inside that keep insisting it’s a hat probably feel a bit squashed though.

  6. Ooh! You could do each “point” in a different color, maybe put some rattly things inside, and it would be an awesome baby toy. It looks like the everlasting gobstopper from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

  7. The star is incredible. Our tree has been naked on top for YEARS. While the boys were little, we used an oversized “Clifford the Big Red Dog” plush ornament for the topper. I could never find what I wanted. We wanted a star – a simple star, not one that lights up or blinks or has garland around it. I did find a star last year, but now, I don’t know. . . . If I carried some Metallic FX or Lazer FX along, it would be all beautiful and sparkly. . .

  8. Wow, Norah, I love that star! Such a cool architetural shape–I can’t wait to make one myself when your pattern is available 🙂 Thanks!

  9. I can’t wait to make myself a new star hat. I will leave one point off, do some ribbing instead, woo hoo!

  10. Nice!

    Must be something in the air — Knitty has a dodecahedron (convex, not stellated) in the winter issue too.

    Added to Faves on Ravelry.

  11. I absolutely can’t wait until this pattern is available. I would love to knit one for everyone I know. Great gift for my knitters in my groups.

  12. Norah- I have one almost finished star but I kept thinking about toys and different forms that this could take-so before I finished the star I cast on with some sock yarn and have a figure with wavy arms instead of points its more like a sea creature than a star-I am contemplating i-cord worms for each of the arms with elastic inside so they can be pulled out but will snap back in also.

  13. Norah, you know I love your designs and this was FANTASTIC. My only complaint was the pattern was put out too late for me to finish by Christmas Eve! I finished 9 of the 12 points before company came and realized I had thrown out the bag of fiberfill which was hanging around my house for years waiting for a use…oh well. Had a blast knitting it and can’t wait for it to don my tree next year!

  14. I must say, your designs really stand out in beauty, design and inspiration. They are the most interesting ones out there and make a knitter wanna pick up a set of needles and create one of them. This dodec. caught my eye immediately and I can’t wait to make one, but there’s about five or more of your designs elsewhere I am wanting to make first. Now the problem is to decide which one!

    Thanks for your inspiring patterns!

  15. Is there a diagram anywhere of what order/direction to pick up sts? I can’t figure out what is the ‘left side’ of pt 2 as it has 5 sides, so no one side is a ‘true’ left side 🙂

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