13 thoughts on “inside out, you’re turning me…

  1. How wonderful to discover your blog today Norah! PLEASE will you pay us a visit here in the U.K. some time soon – you have a LOT of fans here!! We would love to be able to meet you!

  2. Norah……..you are delightful! Looks like a wonderful star!!

    It’s Cindy from the Ocean State Knit and Crochet Guild who very much enjoyed your visit last year!

  3. This egg holder is a work of Art. I lived in Germany for a few years and everyone had 3 minute eggs in the morning with their breakfast bread and wonderful coffee. This would have been perfect ..what a great table deco. I am just learning to knit and this is something I will keep in mind for a later project. Thank you for sharing. Rowena Tank, Prescott, Arizona

  4. I’ve been knitting sporadically for years but am not an “advanced” knitter. I pick it and up and put it down as the mood strikes me. I do love the website and reading and seeing what people are doing.
    Have begun to knit again as I have a great niece and nephew and baby knits are faster!
    Also can’t wait to try some of the unusual scarf patterns in the book I bought from you.
    Thanks for a great website and a community of knitters to listen to and enjoy!

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