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Well, it’s almost garter stitch. Anxious to get started, I used the only Ultra Alpaca Light I had in the house – one hank of charcoal and one hank of lavender. Figuring I needed both hanks to make a scarf of any significance, I decided to alternate the colors – one row of each. This is a job for double pointed needles (or circular). Always knit and always use the color you haven’t just used. You’ll find yourself working from both ends of the needle. The result is a very subtle two tone “double garter” ridge with the colors intertwined. As soothing as garter stitch, but a little mind bending.


I have 31 sts on my scarf. I could have sworn I cast on 30, but you know how it goes… The needles are size 6 (US). Wanting to know how long my scarf was going to end up I weighed the remaining yarn with a kitchen scale. I started with 100 grams – 55 grams are left unknit. The 45 grams used so far resulted in about 18″ of scarf (depending on how hard I tug on it).

Let’s see, here’s one way to look at this:
18″/45 gr = .4″/gr
and .4″/gr x 100 gr = 40″

Seems like my scarf will measure about 40″ when I finish the yarn I have. That’s good for a neat little number that tucks under one’s dress coat. I’m more inclined to favor a 60″ scarf that can wrap around my neck at least once. Maybe I’ll throw in a little unexpected solid garter at the far end. Should it be a third color? Hmm… I don’t have to decide yet.

Oh and BTW, my scarf’s about 5″ wide.

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  1. The charcoal and lilac work beautifully together. A solid color section at the end could be a nice touch. A friend of mine knit a scarf from one skein of worsted-weight Malabrigo, but when the skein ran out, she wanted it to be longer. Her LYS was out of that color in worsted, so she got bulky instead. This made the last section of her scarf is thicker and wider, of course, but the change adds interest and takes it from a merely nice scarf to an exceptional one.

  2. Well I’m with Eliza—– the concept is a mind bender of a bit. I’m going to count on the fact that I’ll understand as well. I love the subletly of the two colors. Perfect for a simple project with a bit of panache! Thanks!

    The solid garter at the end is a great idea, can’t wait to see what color you choose!

  3. Perfect idea for those odd skeins that aren’t enough to make something from. Now to figure out what I have in stash that would work! Great mindless knitting for those times you find yourself stranded!

  4. BOTH ENDS OF THE NEEDLE! I get it, and now I understand why I couldn’t figure out a scarf pattern I bought on vacation near Rhinebeck!

  5. Woa, I had to think about that one for awhile! It actually sounds quite fun, especially for garter-stitch. Now to find something in my stash that would work…. I may have to go to the LYS and buy some yarn (such a shame!)

  6. Hmmm…it might be nice to get the third color now (or, preferably, more of one of these two) and do a section of solid color….maybe ribbing? no, that would pull in too much…some other stitch pattern though…and then end with a small section of the two colors together again in the garter stripe.

      1. I used to have the pattern of alternating 3 colors, many years ago.?

      2. There’s not really a pattern though. I checked Ravelry and did find the pattern listing for it (here’s a link: and it just links back to this blog post. Norah cast on 31 stitches and worked as she described in the blog post. Her follow-up post shows a scarf with three colors, but also does not have a pattern. I haven’t been able to find any place where it’s written out in “pattern” form.

        I can guess at what she was doing—knit 1 row in one color, slide the stitches back to the starting end (instead of turning the work). Knit 1 row in color 2. Then turn the work, knit 1 row in color 1, do not turn. Slide the stitches back and knit 1 row in color 2.

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