it was a manon day

Remember that old TV show “This is Your Life”? I am winding up my norah gaughan vol.1 New England yarn shop tour and the last few shop visits have felt more than a bit like that show. Old friends and new, relatives of old friends (and new), sweaters of lives past and sweaters recently designed have all made appearances. My head is spinning.

My visit to Windsor Button in Boston included, among many other really nice occurences:
1 – A surprise visit from my boyfriend’s daughters
2 – Meeting a fan from Korea who is part of a knitting group there whom are all knitting manon.
3 – A mother and daughter, Clarissa and Stephanie (with a very good natured Dad in tow), who took time from parent’s weekend to come meet ME! (Not only is my head spinning, but it is swelling to gigantic proportion). Stephanie’s gearing up to knit manon too – as her FIRST SWEATER.

Clarissa, Stephanie, me (gabbing away) and manon (on the tabletop dress form).

4 – The biggest surprise and thrill was seeing the owners of the first yarn shop I ever worked in. I hadn’t seen them since 1982. Here we are, happy to see each other after 25 years:


5….and, always a favorite theme, customers tried out the sample garments (with me hogging into the photo again):

Aamu and manon.

4 thoughts on “it was a manon day

  1. The manon is adorable. That knitter is quite adventurous to try that as her first sweater. My first sweater was a vest 😉 Sleeves intimidated the heck out of me…

    What a wonderful time it sounds like you had. Did you ever swing by NYC? I would have loved to meet you!

  2. Hi weaverknits – I didn’tt mean to leave you out of the list of my day’s highlights. It’s just that I wasn’t sure how to tell the story of the woman who backed up to me and tried to get a photo “with me” without me actually participating. 🙂 Jacoby got to play, and he was great!

  3. Norah, I’m so glad you had a great time at Windsor Button. I wish you were based on the west coast, but at least we get your designs out here! Speaking of your fantastic designs, I’m really glad to see Manon on a real, live customer. It looks so good on her. It didn’t really catch my eye on the model for some reason (fit?). Aamu is super cute, too.

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