Emily Explains: Left and Right Lifted Increases

Hows the Berroco KAL going? With a little more than 7 weeks left, it is definitely not too late to start! Today's post demonstrates how to make left and right lifted increases used in Helen and Ellen. They are super simple, but if you have any trouble remembering what to do for which side (like me),… Continue reading Emily Explains: Left and Right Lifted Increases

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Emily Explains: Quick #BerrocoKAL Tips

          1. Swatch in your colors!  Sometimes the dye can ever so slightly effect the weight of the yarn. Make a color work swatch and a stockinette swatch in the color you plan to knit the body of your sweater with. Measure these swatches.           2. Swatch in… Continue reading Emily Explains: Quick #BerrocoKAL Tips