Join our Marsh Mallow Knit-along!

I’m not going to apologize—I’m a sucker for a play on words and a cute knitted garment pattern so this knit-along just sort of decided on itself. Read on for details!

Who is knitting? You, I hope! Me, for sure. Some of our knitting friends near and far. Maybe your Local Yarn Store!

What are we knitting? There are two free knitting patterns that both feature a dramatic lace back—Marsh is a free pullover knitting pattern, and Mallow is a free cardigan knitting pattern. Together, they’re Marsh-Mallow!

When are we starting and ending? We’re starting the fun on May 1, and ending June 30—plenty of time to knit either of these pieces!

Which yarns are we using? You can use any DK-weight Berroco yarn. Marsh was originally written for Berroco Modern Cotton™ DK and Mallow was originally written for Berroco Maya®. Sadly, Berroco Maya has been discontinued, but you can still find it in many stores—try Googling “Berroco Maya” to find some options. We also just updated the patterns with new spring 2019 yarns, so you we have a Marsh sample knit with Berroco Mantra™ and a version of Mallow that was knit with Berroco Linen Stonewash™.

Marsh and Mallow are knit at different gauges, so we’ve got a short-list of recommended yarns for each. For Marsh, we recommend Berroco Modern Cotton DK, Berroco Mantra, Berroco Corsica® or Berroco Remix® Light.

For Mallow, we recommend Berroco Maya (see note about finding this discontinued yarn), Berroco Linen Stonewash, Berroco Quinoa®, or Berroco Ultra® Wool DK.

You can use our Store Locator to find a store near you that sells any of these yarns

Regardless of which yarn you use, be sure to swatch for your gauge!

Where are we knitting and chatting? Anywhere in the world! We’d love it if some knitting groups sprung up at Local Yarn Stores to knit these patterns, but we recognize not everyone has a yarn store near them, so you can knit in your home, or wherever you feel like taking your needles and yarn with you. We’ll have our usual chat-space in the Berroco Lovers group on Ravelry. We’ve built up quite a core of dedicated knit-alongers who will often host their own unofficial knit-alongs in between our “official” knit-alongs, and they’d love for you to join them there. Ravelry is a free site dedicated to the yarny arts, and is a great place to chat with fellow crafters and find inspiration, whether it’s in extensive pattern database or simply seeing what other people are making. If you don’t currently have a Ravelry account, you will need to create an account.

We’ll also be crossposting to the Marsh + Mallow Knit-along Group on Facebook. We’ve been experimenting with groups on Facebook but this will be our first knit-along hosted on the platform, and is an option for anyone who wants to chat and share photos but doesn’t want to use Ravelry. You do need a free Facebook account to join the group.

We’ll also have posts here on the blog during the knit-along, and we’ll be sharing photos on social media! Use the hashtag #marshmallowkal and tag @Berrocoyarn on Instagram and Twitter to make sure we see your posts.

We hope you’ll join us for this fun knit-along and end up with a great tee or cardigan!