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Ask Amanda: How do I join my knitting in the round?

When you’re preparing to knit in the round, joining is a critical step. Your pattern will tell you how many stitches to cast on, and then it will ask you to join in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches.

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Ask Amanda: Are my stitches twisted?

Before I delve in, it may help to clarify the difference between intentional twist stitches and unintentionally twisting your stitches. It can be a little confusing with such similar names, but they are two separate techniques.

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Ask Amanda: Why is my bind-off so tight?

Binding off in knitting can be one of the most exciting steps of the project, since every stitch takes you closer to finishing. While the actual motion of binding off (alternatively called casting off) is very similar to knitting, there is an important difference.

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Ask Amanda: Why is there a loose stitch at the end of the row?

It’s important to remember that there are as many styles of knitting as there are knitters, so each person’s work will look slightly different.

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Ask Amanda: How do I make a slip knot?

The humble slip knot is the foundation upon which countless yarn projects have been built.  It’s typically the first loop that you’ll put on your crafting tool of choice, since a slip knot for knitting is the same as a slip knot for crochet.

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Ask Amanda: How do I wind yarn into a ball?

Before I answer the question about winding yarn, let’s take a look at the different ways yarn is packaged. Here at Berroco, our yarns are generally packaged in one of three different ways (or put-ups, as they’re called). Deciding which way to package the yarn depends on a lot of factors, including the nature of the yarn, the capabilities of the spinning mill, and the preferences of our customers. Here are the three basic types:

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Ask Amanda: Should I block my knitting before or after sewing seams?

This question pops up a lot, and like many things in the world of knitting, there is no stiff, permanent rule. However, In most cases, I’d recommend blocking the pieces of a garment before sewing seams. Here are three reasons why:

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