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Blocking Acrylic Blends

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If you’ve read any of our previous posts on the topic (Q&A with Norah and Cirilia, and Cirilia’s wet-blocking tutorial), you know that how you block a project depends on a number of factors. The shape and size of your project are both important, as well as your own opinion on how you’d like the finished item to look. Another piece of the puzzle is deciding what’s appropriate for the fiber content of your yarn. Many of Berroco’s most popular yarns are acrylic blends (take Comfort, Vintage, or Weekend for example), and while they are certainly durable and easy to care for, they have a nemesis: excessive heat.

If things get too hot, the acrylic fibers will suffer. They lose their shape and start to sag, and will even begin melting. To keep projects looking beautiful, avoid using anything too hot on your acrylic blends. You can still wet-block (just don’t use hot water), and you can lightly steam, but never touch a hot iron to the fabric or you could end up with a shiny melted mark.

Once your project has seen some action, it might be time for laundering. Check your yarn label for specific instructions regarding washing, and you’ll be ready to go. Just remember to never introduce too much heat, and your finished project will continue to look great for a long, long time!


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