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“You could live in a van!!”

That’s what Margery said when she saw me winding a skein of Ultra Alpaca from a little nook at my desk.

I’ve certainly settled in, populating every corner with knitting essentials: stitch dictionaries, shade cards and a bulletin board that holds inspiring images and a detailed calendar. I’m getting used to forgetting what day/month/season it is! It’s a little disorienting to plan summery photo shoots, arrange a palette of autumnal colors and squish skeins of wintry wool blends all in the span of a day.

In spite of that, it’s a very happy perch…

Yesterday Norah and I returned to Western Mass for an interactive trunk show at Webs. Norah introduced the sweaters from NG vol. 3 and Andra (the Northeast Berroco sales representative) and I walked the runway showing two sizes of many of the most popular sweaters. Andra was a natural and Kathy took quite a bit of video footage (I’ll link to it when she posts it). Usually people are pretty shy about trying on sample garments but this was pure sweater madness–it looked like Filene’s Basement!

As usual, unconventional shapes were surprisingly flattering on a wide range of bodies, and using the tried and true upside-down trick, options were multiplied. One attendee tried on Linear but didn’t feel comfortable with the flyaway shape. We turned it upside down and voila–no exposed belly and a lush shawl collar gave it a wholly different ‘grandpa chic’ look. Eastlake was a crowd favorite, but I was impressed by Cosmia–everyone on Ravelry says it’s super fast which sounds ideal as the mercury is plummeting here faster than I can knit!

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  1. Amber #

    It never ceases to amaze me how versatile Norah’s designs are. And your little corner of the world does look cozy, congrats!

    September 19, 2008
  2. Katinka #

    A friend of mine recently tried on an Eastlake sample at our LYS (way out here in the Rocky Mountains) and almost instantly found herself snapping up the pattern book and enough Inca Gold to make it. :)

    September 19, 2008
  3. Joy #

    How about a “tour” of that rack of books on your desk😉

    September 19, 2008
  4. You mean the upside-down trick isn’t just a one-time joke that got played on me at Stitches West? (

    September 19, 2008
  5. Good idea, Joy! Norah did a tour of her books earlier this year so it’ll be cool to compare and contrast with my own collection…

    Margit–that link is hilarious!! And fortuitous–like so many of the topsy-turvy sweater tricks pulled here it looks amazing both ways! I’ll post some pictures of upside down Linear on Monday if I can.

    September 19, 2008
  6. Nancy #

    I’ll be interested to see the picture of the upside-down Linear. I just don’t see how that could work, with a shaped, anatomically correct (when right-side-up) sleeve cap. I’m all for versatility, but. . .

    September 20, 2008
  7. Judy B #

    Thanks for the link to see the patterns in vol. 3 which I love of course. You say that the patterns are flattering to many body types which I can see would be true. I have very sloping shoulders and was wondering if Eastlake (my favorite in vol. 3) would have too wide a neckline for someone like me (most wide neck sweaters slip off of my shoulders).

    September 23, 2008

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