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Amy’s Thread: Knitter Style

Finished projects from Berroco‘s Fall/Winter ’14 collection are popping up on Ravelry – and I am super excited to see this amazing Sislana from Norah Gaughan vol. 15 in Berroco Elements knit by Amy (threadpanda on Ravelry).

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Amy’s Thread: Finished Object!!

As promised I finished my Knik shrug! It was a quick project and very satisfying!

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Norah’s Knits: What I learned in the Yarn Shop

In March and April I managed to carve out some time to visit a few New England yarn shops. Andra, the area’s sales rep, and I traveled with a trunk show of sweaters in a variety of sizes and encouraged knitters to try them all on. It’s a fun, party-like atmosphere with sweaters and compliments flying freely from knitter to knitter. We’ve done this a bit in the past, and there are always surprises. Read more

Norah’s Knits: Wearable Stripes

When it comes to wearing stripes, people often have strong opinions. I’ve ventured into this territory before and been met with mixed results. Still, I believe in Rayures, the horizontal striped piece I designed in Ultra Alpaca a few years back.  Perhaps it was a bold move to photograph it on a bust size 14 model, but that was the point.  I wanted to design a striped sweater that I could wear too. Read more

Norah’s Knits: Modern Lace Knitting

I love the simple, modern, almost stark lace I have been seeing in fashion lately. Simple  and bold openwork patterns not only suit my sensibilities, they are much easier to knit than more ornate lace knitting stitches. Read more

Jasper Love

I whipped up a hat in record time this week! I used a ball and a half of Jasper, a gorgeous self-striping merino wool that knits up so quickly I can hardly believe it (about 4 hours, which for me is superduper fast). I used Jared Flood’s wildly popular Turn a Square pattern but instead of striping two yarns, I just let Jasper do it’s stripe-y thing. I think the cast-on edge is especially good looking. I used Ysolda’s tutorial for a 2×2 “stocking stitch” tubular cast-on and really elevates the simple toque. It’s a little big on me, but it’s going to someone special, I’m just keeping it warm (or the other way around…)



Some other cute patterns for Jasper and/or hats: Janine, Jester the cozy (and free!) Bell Rock Turtleneck and the Josepha cowl. I already have plans to knit another Jasper hat as a last minute birthday gift for a new friend. Jasper, I <3 you!


the center panel

Knowing that M is crazy for B & W stripes, I started my panel with B & W stripes :) Aiming for reversibility, and reduced curling, I decided to alternate rev st st and st st. The little interchange of color that happens when one color meets another on a “garter” row is a fav of mine. Figuring on the recommended gauge of 5 sts/in, I cast on 80 sts (16 sts x 5 sts/ inch). Four rows of st st alternate with rows of reverse stst – change colors and stitch at the same time.

I worked the stripes until I was good and bored and it looked like I had enough – no grand plan, no special proportions. Next, Mustard made for a nice contrast and I began a woven pattern. One row of st st made a good base before beginning the actual stitch part. I was trying to think like Margery, which a was freeing and fun. So, on the set up row, I worked 10 sts each stst and garter a few times and then started to mix it up, throwing in a few fives and later a 15 and a few fives to round it out again. I worked as established for a few inches and then reversed the stst and garter. That repeated a few times and then worked a few blocks that were half as high to balance out the narrower vertical bits. Eventually I ran out of mustard, went back to B & W stripes for a bit, worked black in moss st for a bit and threw in some more stripes. When I ran out of black I switched to the lovely heathered warm brown shade (woodland mix), worked one base row in st st and chilled out on some more moss st. Un peu bored, I went back to alternating st st and rev st st , then back to moss, stopping when my 60″ was up. All in all, good masterpiece theatre or NOVA knitting.


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