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Amy’s Thread: What size?

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What is the difference between “To Fit Bust Size…” and “Finished Measurements” and what is ease all about anyway?

If you ask me what size I am, you’re going to get a convoluted answer. It depends on the brand, it depends on the fit (that’s ease or how loose the garment is meant to fit). It depends on my mood and maybe even the weather. I’m only half kidding on that last one.

One of my favorite things about knitting patterns is that, compared to store-bought clothes, it is really easy to figure out what size you need to make.

Step 1.

Measure yourself. There are a lot of measurements you can take to really fine tune the fit of a garment. If you’re super anxious to get started there is one measurement you absolutely need – the circumference of your torso.

www_berroco_com_sites_default_files_downloads_patterns_Berroco_FreePattern_Graphite_pdf 3

To find this measurement get a tape measure and wrap it around your torso just under the armpit and don’t pull too tight! Keep the tape measure fairly comfortable and if possible do this with a friend or helper who can make sure that the tape measure is straight across all the way around.

Step 2.

Compare your measurements to the pattern.

Graphite Pattern

Look for the set of numbers that says “To Fit Bust…” and choose the size that most closely matches your actual measurement from step 1.

Step 3.

Look at the “Finished Measurements – this is the actual size that your finished sweater will be.

If there is a difference between the numbers under “To Fit” and “Finished Measurements, that is the ease. Ease is how loose or tight the designer wanted the sweater to be. In this example, the intended ease is “0” so the “Finished Measurements” are the same as the “To Fit” measurement. It’s nice when a pattern includes a note about how much ease the designer intended when they planned the garment, but this isn’t always the case, so always look for a schematic.

www_berroco_com_sites_default_files_downloads_patterns_Berroco_FreePattern_Graphite_pdf 2

The schematic with tell the “Finished Measurement,” which you can then compare the “To Fit” measurement.

All of the images used for this example were borrowed from Graphite – a free pattern, featured in our Knitbits newsletter available at


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