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Behind the Scenes: Spring/Summer 2013 Photo Shoot Video

You’ve seen our new yarns and our beautiful new designs for Spring/Summer 2013.  Now you can watch the behind the scenes video from our photo shoot on Cape Cod last fall.

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Ask Amanda: Why should I knit a gauge swatch?

It’s the ultimate test of self-control. You’re eager to start a new sweater project – all the beautiful yarn is sitting on the couch next to you, the pattern is waiting on your lap, and the recommended needle is in your hands. Why in the world would you knit a tiny, seemingly useless square when you could be starting on the actual sweater?

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Norah’s Knits: Cuff to Cuff Knitting

If you’re first learning how to knit, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the various techniques and stitches at your disposal. I suggest starting with traditional knitting, particularly when it comes to sweater knitting, to help increase your knitting confidence.  Read more

Knitter’s Spotlight: Cool Winter Hat Patterns

In my opinion, there’s nothing like a new knitted winter hat to get you excited to be out in the cold.  It might sound silly, but I speak from experience.  I used to live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and some days, the opportunity to show off my “chook” (that’s what Yoopers call a knit hat – don’t ask me why) was all that got me out of bed. Read more

KnitBits Preview: New for Spring/Summer 2013

When it comes to unveiling a new collection, I’m honestly not sure who is more excited.  We know a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting our new yarns and spring & summer knitting patterns.  But everyone in the Berroco design office is thrilled to finally share the secrets we’ve kept for months!

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Vogue Knitting Live

January is a crazy time for the Berroco Design Team.  From holidays to trade shows to the unveiling of our new yarns and designs for spring, there isn’t much downtime.  It’s hectic, but it’s also a lot of fun.

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Ask Amanda: I’m just completely stuck – what do I do?

I think it’s happened to everyone – no matter what you try, something about your latest knitting or crocheting project isn’t right. You’re completely stuck and frustrated, and nothing is working! In cases like this, I’m convinced that the best answer is to put the project away and do something else.

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Norah’s Knitting: Wool & Alpaca Sweaters and Other Early Knitting Adventures

My love of natural fibers came early. The first sweater I ever knit was made from wool yarn I bought at the county fair. Creamy white, right off the sheep, and soaked in its own natural lanolin, the yarn had an aroma I love to this day. Read more

Knitter’s Spotlight: Monsters for Hope by bonniejacobs

Raveler bonniejacobs is as generous as she is talented.  She’s been crocheting for as long as she can remember, but she only picked up knitting (or at least, it finally stuck) a few years ago.  Shortly after, she turned her new hobby into a beautiful charity effort to help bring smiles to the faces of homeless children. Read more

KnitBits Preview: Enduring Favorites

Did you know the Berroco Design Team creates nearly 200 new patterns every year?  While we’re constantly thinking up new designs, we still love to see that people are continuing to knit some of our enduring favorites.  You know the ones I mean.  They’re the designs you make in multiple colors or for every family member.  The sweater you knit when it’s new and again, when you’ve worn out the first one.

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