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Groovy Yarn

Our Spring/Summer 2012 photo shoot is looming, and we’re starting to feel the pressure around the office. As a relaxing temporary escape, I finally started experimenting with Pixelmator, a photo editing program for Mac I bought a while ago. I took some simple photos of things around the office and started trying out all the different effects. Here are the results:

Colorful buttons and tacks pop against a black and white background.

Ghostly skeins of yarn resting on the scale!

And what photo editing experiment is complete without a kaleidoscope session? The yarn photo below was used to make the image above – look how beautiful the red Campus turned out.

Having spent some quality time playing around with these photos, I’m now ready to tackle the spring shoot preparations…


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  1. relie #

    My first photo editing experiment was a kaleidoscope as well!

    September 7, 2011
  2. B. Arthur #

    I enjoy your posts but this change of pace in topic is delightful. Keep up the fantastic work!

    September 8, 2011

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