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Vampire Knits!

I have some exciting news to share. This week marks the debut of a book called Vampire Knits, and I just happen to have a sweater in it. Actually…I happen to have the COVER!!

My contribution, the Lore Hoodie was a last minute one, and it had to be knit twice because the first one got lost in the mail (d’oh!). I was actually pleased to get the chance to reknit it because I made a few improvements to the closures, switching from buttons and snaps to toggles with slightly felted crochet loops.

Genevieve Miller, the editor of the gorgeous book gave a great interview at Comic Con that you can watch here. She’s also blogging about the book here. She graciously accepted my very last minute proposal, which was inspired by the long winter walks I was talking in between devouring Twilight and episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The hoodie is knit in wonderfully light Peruvia Quick in a color that I have personally banned myself from using for awhile. Almost every Berroco yarn comes in this elusive purply-brown shade and I find it irresistible!! It goes with everything and it  warm, unique and flattering. I highly recommend it…if I can’t knit or design with it, YOU should!


P.S. The winner of the Remix/Acer cardigan kit is Seanna Lea! Congrats Seanna, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Remix is ACE

You may have heard that Berroco has debuted its first ecologically minded yarn. While I’m absolutely thrilled that this yarn is made of 100% recycled fibers (you can read more about this yarn here), I’m even more happy to report that it is a fabulous yarn. I had a bit of Remix moment this summer! I was lucky enough to take in the third installment of the Twilight saga with my little sister Jovon. I fell in love with the slouchy, striped hat Bella wore in the camping scenes, so I immediately whipped one up for the both of us. I’m modeling mine here:

I didn’t use a pattern but there are many variations available on Ravelry.

The next sweater is a garment I’m absolutely thrilled with. I knit Amy Christoffer’s Acer Cardigan in Bittersweet, a rich brown that looks just like dark chocolate!

I shortened the sleeves and fussed a bit with the finishing–I changed the button band to a sewn-on button band, used a one-row buttonhole (WHICH ROCKS) and changed my mind twice about the buttons themselves. I started with minty green vintage plastic, thinking of mint chocolate chip ice cream the whole time.

After ignoring the sweater for a few days I realized I’d be much happier with a more covert, sorta steampunk button, a thin bronzey number. I experimented with using a different color thread for each one, but then I just switched to tomato red on all of them (the rainbow gradient was looking a bit grade school). And now, it’s perfect. The yarn is so so soft, and because it has no wool in it, I was able to wear it all day in August! It has a lovely worn-in t-shirt feel, and a soft tweedy look.

NOTE: Contest is now closed. Comments are closed. A winner will be posted later today, and comments reopened. Have you read this far? I’d love to repay the kindness by offering one Acer Cardigan sweater kit (1 pattern + Remix to knit it) to one randomly chosen commenter! Please comment below with your thoughts on the trend of greening your knitting. Have you tried any “green” yarns? Have you recycled any old sweaters? I’d love to hear about it.


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